Web Development

Who needs a website, especially today?

In this digital age, having a website is essential for any business or organization, but especially today in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. People are increasingly relying on online sources for information, and a website is a great way to provide customers with the latest news and updates about your business or organisation. It can also be used as a platform to promote products, services, and events, as well as to connect with customers and build relationships. In short, having a website is essential for any business or organisation today.


Feature E-Card Basic Medium Pro
Home Page
About Page
FAQ Page
Contact Page
Custom Emails
Google Business Listing
Setup/Maintenance Tutorial
Price $100 $350 $600 $850

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Why us

We focus heavily on UX and UI as we believe that the user’s interaction with your site reflects your level of care for them. Our websites are created specifically to fulfill your requirements

The types of sites we create:

  • Social networking 
  • Event 
  • Messaging 
  • E-commerce
  • Landing page
  • Informational 
  • Business

The tools we use

Looking for a website made with a specific tool? Look no further, we use a range of CMS and javascript frameworks to create blazing fast, beautiful websites. And hey, if all you need is a simple website, we're not above creating it from scratch using plain HTML, CSS and JS.

The tools we use:

  • WordPress
  • React


Search engine optimisation is a vital part of making your business and or product known, it's what gets you on the first page of your customers' search. Every website we develop comes with standard SEO that gets your website in front of people's eyes. We also offer in-depth optimisation for your website, helping you have a wider reach to your target audience.


Don't like the tedious job of keeping your content updated, news, pictures, events etc? We can do that for you, ensuring that your website stays relevant and optimised for the ever changing landscape. We'll monitor your security, traffic, load times, and even keep your SEO parameters updated, giving you more time to run your business and do what you love. 


If you already have a website that you're fond of, but you know it's a bit outdated or clunky? Don't pay for a new one. We can use your already existing site's assets to create a newer and faster website (within reason!), without the cost of a new website. Easier for us = cheaper for you.